Welcome Fall! Let’s talk FROSTBITE!

Winter is coming. Autumn colors in the trees, shorter days, nippy air. Let’s talk FROSTBITE.

What causes frostbite? Chickens poop when they sleep. A LOT. Since they don’t pee, the white runny urates in their poop are the liquid waste, and that creates warm moist air in the coop. Warm air rises. When warm moist air rises it sits at the level of the birds on the roost. Then as the air cools it creates condensation on their combs- boom frostbite. Toes and feet can also get frostbitten if their feet are not protected enough by their feathers and body on the roost

How do you prevent frostbite? You want draft free, with top ventilation to allow the warm moist air to ESCAPE the coop and not sit around the birds’ heads. VENTILATION but NO DRAFTS is the key! I’m going to attach pictures of some of my coops, where you can see the obvious roofline ventilation. I have NO issues with frostbite in these coops. I live in Oklahoma, where we have fairly mild winters. “Coldest winter low” for us is single digits, with averages in the upper teens. If you live further north you may need further modifications than what I provide but the concept is the same. VENTILATION and NO DRAFTS.
To prevent frostbite on the feet, birds need a wide wooden roost bar so they can nestle over their feet and keep their feet warm. I recommend a 2×4 turned on its side so the wide 3 1/2″ side is up. NEVER use anything hollow, this will freeze their feet faster.
As a side note, I see people promoting coating the combs with various things, especially petroleum jelly, to prevent frostbite. This may help a little, but improving the ventilation in the coop is much more effective and healthier for the birds.

How do you treat frostbite? Supportive treatment only. You can put neosporin (without pain reliever) on the comb or feet to help protect and promote healing. The tips will be purple at first, then blacken, then fall off. In mild cases it will be just the tips, in severe cases they can lose their whole comb and look dubbed like a game bird, or their toes or even feet can completely self amputate.

Update on store

Just some administrative information, I have not been in my email for a while and it is taking me some time to catch up.  If you’ve sent me a message I will get to you as I can, or you can always reach me at my cell phone 918-933-4240 if you have something more urgent.

I am aware that the “store” feature of my site has stopped working.  I have given up trying to work with the app developer as they have been very uncooperative in helping me fix it, when it stopped working suddenly at the beginning of summer.  I am in the process of loading everything to a new app which will take some time so please bare with me.  If you wish to place an order please call or text 918-933-4240.  Thank you!

Puppies are here!

We’ve been so busy we didn’t have a chance to get our website updated, but Harper and Merlin are proud parents again!  This is their final mating, both will be retired now and live long healthy lives as spoiled pets.  There are 8 gorgeous rolly-polly puppies in this litter.  Jake already has a home waiting for him when he is old enough but we are taking deposits on the others!

Pups were born September 9 2017. The litter is registered through AKC, although mom is AKC/ASCA. They will have 5 way vaccinations at 6 and 8 weeks, and wormed every 2 weeks from birth. They have had tails and dewclaws removed. Before they go home we will start them on house training and crate training, and a little bit of leash work. They will be exposed to children of all ages, poultry, and goats.
Potential as herding, agility, or companion/pet.

Date of Birth: 9-9-17

Date Ready to Go: 11-4-17

Age Now: 3 weeks

Registry: AKC registerable, application papers provided

Size of Parents: standard (mom 18.5″ dad 19.75″)

Health Testing: Cleared by parentage N/N for PRCD and HC. MDR1 status could be n/m or n/n.

Location: Coweta, OK

Shipping/Transport : (yes/no) Yes will drive two hours your direction, or air ship for shipping cost (roughly $400)

Deposit Amount: $200

918-933-4240 is my cell number if you have additional questions.

Tris are $700.
Merles are $900.
Full registration is $100 more.

Rocky (black collar)
Katie (purple collar)
Sadie (red collar)
Holly (gray collar)

Jake (orange collar)
Sammy (blue collar)
Ace (green collar)
Millie (yellow collar)