Breed of the Week: Sapphire

I thought we’d start something new and introduce everyone to one of our breeds each week! This week’s Breed of the Week is the Sapphire.


Sapphires are fantastic layers of L-XL blue eggs. We have adopted the UK name for this unique hybrid cross. A sapphire gets its blue eggs from a Cream Legbar parent and its fantastic laying ability from a White Leghorn parent. They are predominantly white with a crest. Chicks are yellow with black flecks, showing where they will have a black feather when they are grown. We find them to be a very hardy cross.

NOTE: these are a hybrid and DO NOT BREED TRUE. When you cross two Sapphires together you will get 75% blue egg layers and 25% white egg layers. If you want details on how to create a perpetuating flock of Sapphires PM me and I can walk you through the process!

center egg is from a Sapphire hen

8 thoughts on “Breed of the Week: Sapphire”

  1. Would like to buy a roo and a couple hens to produce sapphire eggs. Any info would be great my daughter would like to show

    1. Hi Tonya, Sapphires are a Hybrid. They are a mixed breed, a cross between a Leghorn and a Legbar. If you can locate those two breeds you can make your own Sapphires. However hybrids are not something I recommend for showing, showmanship is about breeding toward a standard and you can’t really standardize a hybrid. You want a pure breed for that.

    1. Absolutely. I don’t have any silkies this week but may have some hatching this weekend. Give me a call or e-mail and we can set up a time for you to visit.


  2. Looking to produce a sapphire laying flock. I have white leghorn pullets. Working on a cream legbar. I don’t know how to pm on here. Sorry

    1. Hi sorry for the late reply, I had a lot of spam comments to filter through to get to yours. Sapphires are made by crossing a Cream Legbar with a White Leghorn. I use CL rooster over Leghorn hens because I want to just run leghorns in with my legbar flock for ease of pens, but it works the other direction as well. Good luck!

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