East Frisian Gull (Ostfriesische Möwe)

Eggs East Frisian Gull
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Eggs East Frisian Gull
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Frisian Gulls are an old land race from Germany.  They come in three colors, Gold, Lemon, and Silver.  Silver is the rarest variety of the three but all three varieties are considered severely endangered in their native lands.

Frisian Gulls are excellent layers of medium to large white to cream eggs.  Chick markings resemble seagull chicks which may be part of the reason for their name. The chicks have been very hardy for us and we are excited to offer these for sale beginning January 2017.

One caution- these birds are EXCELLENT fliers and need either a safely contained area or a trimmed wing to keep them cooped.  However, they are also excellent foragers and well able to take care of themselves.

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