If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at 918-933-4240 or contact us on our facebook page.  These are the two quickest ways to reach us.  You can send us an e-mail at admin@chickenfanatics.com.

We pride ourselves on great customer service.  We want to get your eggs and birds to you as quickly and healthily as we can.  Please read the following information for more details on our policies.


When will my order ship?

​​We will begin the process of shipping after your payment is received.  After you place your order we will send you an estimated shipping date, as orders are subject to availability.  All orders will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday to reduce the chance your eggs or chicks will get stuck at the post office over the weekend.​

Weather plays a huge role in when we can ship, as we want your chicks and eggs to get to you safely.  If the temperatures are extremely hot or cold we may ask to postpone your shipment until the weather becomes more temperate.


Can I combine shipping on chicks and eggs?

No.  Eggs and chicks must be shipped separately.  When you are ready to checkout, click “Cart” in the top right hand corner of the page, and add the correct type of shipping charge for your order before you click “Checkout”.  You may order eggs AND chicks but as they must be shipped separately you will need to add both kinds of charges to your order.

Egg Shipping Charges- Priority Mail          $25.00

​Egg Shipping Charges- Express Mail          $45.00

Chick Shipping Charges- Express Mail      $53.00

​Pair/Trio Shipping Charges- Express Mail $60.00

These charges include all packing materials, boxes, and the shipping charges.  Call us if you would like a more exact quote.

What are my options for shipping chicks/birds?

​We want to ensure you get your birds alive and in good condition just as you want to receive them that way!  The best shipping method to ensure this is USPS Express Mail, and that is what we use.  Make sure we have your phone number to make it easier for the Post Office to call you when your package is ready to pick up!

What are my options for shipping eggs?

You can choose to ship your eggs by USPS Priority or by USPS Express Mail.  Express is the best option for several reasons.  It is just a faster method of shipping overall and your eggs will arrive sooner.  Express Mail usually arrives within one to two days.  Priority Mail usually takes three to five days.  Also, Express Mail packages can be held for pickup at your local Post Office and the package will not be subject to further jostling and weather extremes by the local carrier ride.  The Post Office will call you to let you know there is a package waiting for you.  Both of these points mean higher hatching rates for YOU.
Make sure we have your phone number to make it easier for the Post Office to call you when your package is ready to pick up!


Are my birds and eggs shipped insured?

Items shipped by USPS Express Mail have $100 insurance; contact us to see about additional insurance for your shipment. Claims for insurance reimbursements are handled by your local office.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to open the box in the presence of a postal worker!


What should I do when my shipped eggs arrive?

Open the package and very carefully unwrap each egg.  Place them large end up in an egg carton on the counter in a draft-free place.  Let them sit for 24 to 48 hours BEFORE you start incubating them.  This “rest period” is important to helping the eggs settle from shipment.


What should I do when my chicks/birds arrive?

Your chicks or birds are shipped with a small amount of feed and/or some fresh fruit and a heat pack when needed to help them on their trip.  When you go to pick up your birds at the Post Office OPEN YOUR PACKAGE IN THE PRESENCE OF A POSTAL EMPLOYEE.  This is vital in case there are any losses.


Get your birds home and immediately get them to water, food, and a heat source.  Day-old chicks need 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit and as they grow you can move the heat source away to reduce the temperature by about 5 degrees each week.


Can I pick up my birds?

Yes you can pick up your birds.  Please call us in advance to work out pickup.

Do you guarantee hatching eggs?

No.  There are too many variations to guarantee any type of hatching rate on shipped eggs.  However all of our breeding pens are tested for fertility of their eggs and we hatch from these same birds ourselves.  For the best hatch rate of your shipped eggs, choose the Express Mail shipping option at checkout, rest them for 24 hours prior to incubation, and follow standard incubating procedures.


Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order but only within 24 hours of placing the order.  We work hard to fulfill each and every order and plan our shipments accordingly; cancellations more than 24 hours out make this very difficult.  Please call us at 918-933-4240 if you need to cancel.