The new website is now live!

Welcome to our newly redesigned website!  Please look around and let us know if there is anything that needs attention.  I am aware the “cart” page is not working properly at the moment but hope to have it fixed shortly.  In the meantime you can contact me and I can send you a custom invoice if you are ready to place an order.  We are gearing up already for spring hatching here on our hobby farm by bringing in another cabinet incubator, so we hope to be able to supply all your rare and exotic chick and hatching egg needs this spring!  We are NPIP with the state of Oklahoma and can ship to most states with proper documentation.



Silverudd Blue (Isbar) eggs below, Marans and Sapphire (1st generation) eggs on top ofthem

2 thoughts on “The new website is now live!”

  1. I just picked up today sweet baby sapphire, cream crested chickens. I was looking up more information on them an fell upon your website am super excited about it. Is there anyway I can sign up to receive emails or something like that?

    Thanks and have a blessed day,

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